About Me

Hi! My name is Alastair but you can call me Al.

I’ve been working with data, analytics, data warehouses and data platforms for over 20 years and this blog is as much gathering my thoughts as it is sharing my experience.

I began my career working for an Aircraft Engine overhaul firm in Scotland, working as a junior programmer, part of a small IT team. And it was there I was involvd in two projects that shaped my future career: the first was to be involved in a data warehouse project and the second was to roll out BusinessObjects as our reporting tool.

From there I went to Paris to work for BusinessObjects when it was still a very young company. That was an amazing experience, working with some amazing people and living in an amazing city and meeting an amazing person with whom we now have 3 amazing kids!

After Paris it was back to the UK to continue my career as a consultant initially delivering SAP BusinessObjects projects to a wide range of clients but broadening my skill set into project management, design and architecture.

I then joined IBM as a Data Architect and worked across many sectors, delivering data platforms and advising clients on Data Strategy and Data Governance.

I am now at Genomics England as a Data Architect, working across the orgnisation, defining the data strategy and rolling out Data Governance.

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Al Gulland

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