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Analysis of Joiners and Leavers

Introduction This article looks at different techniques to analyse joiners and leavers using Web Intelligence. Analysing joiners and leavers is where you need to understand the change in membership of a set, for example, products moving in and out of your top 10 sales. If you are able to identify which key products that are… Continue reading Analysis of Joiners and Leavers

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Migrate SAP BusinessObjects sample databases to Microsoft SQL Server

Introduction Two sample Microsoft Access databases come with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise: eFashion and Club. This article describes the steps involved in migrating the eFashion database to Microsoft SQL Server. The Club database can be migrated in a similar manner. Overview To migrate the database we use Microsoft's SQL Server Migration Assistant, a tool that creates… Continue reading Migrate SAP BusinessObjects sample databases to Microsoft SQL Server

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Date Maths – SQL Server

This article is the first in a series that lists date functions and date manipulation calculations for leading database systems and this article looks at the first of those - Microsoft SQL Server. Please refer to the other articles in this series on DB2 and Oracle. Rather than providing a list of all possible calculations… Continue reading Date Maths – SQL Server