Delivery Methodology

The Multidisciplinary Agile Team

I have met many organisations that structure their Data Platform teams vertically, that is, they have a team for data engineering, a team for data modelling, a team for analytics, and so on. This is fine for waterfall delivery but does not support agile delivery, even if each team works agile. The primary reason that… Continue reading The Multidisciplinary Agile Team

Delivery Methodology

BI Project Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI)

A RACI is a matrix that summarises who is responsible for what on a project. It also defines who approves a deliverable, who is involved in the production and who is the target audience of the deliverable. The matrix is constructed by placing the project roles in columns and the tasks and deliverables in rows… Continue reading BI Project Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI)

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BI Project Roles and Responsibilities

Having worked on and delivered many BI projects I have realised that one of the factors of a successful project is to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the project team members. This ensures that everyone knows what they and everyone else is responsible for and are required to do – no more "that's… Continue reading BI Project Roles and Responsibilities

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BI Project Deliverables

Introduction This article lists some of the deliverables that are produced as part of a BI project. It is not a fully comprehensive list and the descriptions of the deliverables are brief but the aim is to give an overview the main deliverables so that you have a starting point for your BI project. This… Continue reading BI Project Deliverables

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Are You A Data Scientist?

FICO, company that provides analytics and decision making services—including credit scoring, have published a new infographic summarising the key skills and attributes required by a Data Scientist. Of course there are skills in statistics, data analysis and application to real world business problems but what other skills should a Data Scientist have? Check out the… Continue reading Are You A Data Scientist?