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Date Maths – IBM DB2

This article continues the Date Maths series, this time with DB2 syntax. DB2 Reference can be found at IBM and details of SQL functions are found in the section Database Reference > SQL > Functions Please refer to the other articles in this series on SQL Server and Oracle. IBM DB2 Date Functions System Date… Continue reading Date Maths – IBM DB2

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DB2 Client Configuration Issues

Recently I had trouble running and configuring a DB2 client installed on Windows XP and thought I'd share what went wrong and how to resolve the issue as it wasn't immediately obvious. The IT centre installed DB2 client on a remotely accessed Windows desktop but when I logged in I couldn't use the client. The first… Continue reading DB2 Client Configuration Issues

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Date Maths – SQL Server

This article is the first in a series that lists date functions and date manipulation calculations for leading database systems and this article looks at the first of those - Microsoft SQL Server. Please refer to the other articles in this series on DB2 and Oracle. Rather than providing a list of all possible calculations… Continue reading Date Maths – SQL Server