Database Technology

DB2 Client Configuration Issues

Recently I had trouble running and configuring a DB2 client installed on Windows XP and thought I’d share what went wrong and how to resolve the issue as it wasn’t immediately obvious.

The IT centre installed DB2 client on a remotely accessed Windows desktop but when I logged in I couldn’t use the client. The first I got an error was that the shortcut to the Configuration Assistant couldn’t be found. The shortcut was pointing to,

C:Program FilesIBMSQLLIBBINdb2ca.bat

so through Windows I checked to see if this file was there and when trying to access the SQLLIB folder I got a windows error “Access Denied” on the folder. So not having permissions to this folder is preventing me from running the Configuration Assistant.

I asked IT Centre to grant permissions for my account which they did and this time I could indeed run the Configuration Assistant. I went through the steps to configure a new database connection but on clicking Finish in the wizard I got an I/O error,

SQL1038C An I/O error occurred while accessing the node directory...

Essentially I’m following these instructions but this error isn’t mentioned and I could find very little information on the internet.

The I/O error still suggests it’s a permissions thing to that folder but even with my account configured as owner to the DB2 folder I still got this error. After much sniffing around and trial and error testing it turns out that my logon account must be in the Windows group DB2ADMNS.

Basically I need to be a DB2 Administrator in order to create a new connection. This obviously makes sense so why couldn’t the Configuration Assistant tool say that when I first ran it rather than give obscure I/O errors when I try and create a new connection?

This article is probably as much a reminder to myself for next time but hopefully it’ll help someone else who is also faced with same issue!

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