Information Management, SAP Data Services

SAP Data Services performance gain from 3 hours to 30 seconds

A performance gain of 3 hours down to 30 seconds is impressive and what's even more remarkable is that it was only one minor change to an existing dataflow that was responsible for the gain. Recently I had built a Job that was to do the historical data load for a data warehouse. The Job… Continue reading SAP Data Services performance gain from 3 hours to 30 seconds

SAP Business Objects Enterprise

BusinessObjects XIr2 Import Wizard Crashing

Having resolved my DB2 client issue I now have an  issue with the Import Wizard of BusinesObjects XIr2. When importing a BIAR file to BOE the Import Wizard crashes right at then end when I clicked on Finish. To fix this was simple enough. The Import Wizard creates a log file when it performs an… Continue reading BusinessObjects XIr2 Import Wizard Crashing

Database Technology

DB2 Client Configuration Issues

Recently I had trouble running and configuring a DB2 client installed on Windows XP and thought I'd share what went wrong and how to resolve the issue as it wasn't immediately obvious. The IT centre installed DB2 client on a remotely accessed Windows desktop but when I logged in I couldn't use the client. The first… Continue reading DB2 Client Configuration Issues