Business Intelligence, Delivery Methodology

BI Project Roles and Responsibilities

Having worked on and delivered many BI projects I have realised that one of the factors of a successful project is to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the project team members. This ensures that everyone knows what they and everyone else is responsible for and are required to do – no more "that's… Continue reading BI Project Roles and Responsibilities

Business Intelligence, Delivery Methodology

BI Project Deliverables

Introduction This article lists some of the deliverables that are produced as part of a BI project. It is not a fully comprehensive list and the descriptions of the deliverables are brief but the aim is to give an overview the main deliverables so that you have a starting point for your BI project. This… Continue reading BI Project Deliverables

Delivery Methodology, SAP Business Objects

Developing BI Applications

This article looks at an approach to developing SAP BusinessObjects solutions where rather than just writing reports and universes we instead build a BI Application. The main benefit of this approach is a more efficient, streamlined and organised delivery process. A BI Application is viewed as a complete project where the components of the BI… Continue reading Developing BI Applications