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BI Project Deliverables

Introduction This article lists some of the deliverables that are produced as part of a BI project. It is not a fully comprehensive list and the descriptions of the deliverables are brief but the aim is to give an overview the main deliverables so that you have a starting point for your BI project. This… Continue reading BI Project Deliverables

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Are You A Data Scientist?

FICO, company that provides analytics and decision making services—including credit scoring, have published a new infographic summarising the key skills and attributes required by a Data Scientist. Of course there are skills in statistics, data analysis and application to real world business problems but what other skills should a Data Scientist have? Check out the… Continue reading Are You A Data Scientist?

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Building a SAP BI 4 Demo System

This article provides a summary of the high level steps involved with building a SAP BI 4 Demo System and provides guidance on hardware and software requirements and links to where software can be downloaded from. The Demo System will host SAP Business Objects 4.0 and SAP Data Services 4.0 Overview The demo server consists… Continue reading Building a SAP BI 4 Demo System

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SAP BI 4 Checking Database Connectivity

A common issue found when starting SAP Business Objects BI4 is that the system cannot logon to the CMS database repository. Troubleshooting this can be tricky but the following command can be used on a Linux deployment to check connectivity to an Oracle database and capture error messages in a log file, /opt/sapboe/sap_bobj/ -isdbempty -dbdriver… Continue reading SAP BI 4 Checking Database Connectivity

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Correlation Analysis and SAP Web Intelligence

Correlation Analysis is a well-known analytical technique used to test if there is a relation between two quantities, for example did a marketing campaign lead to an increase in sales or as the price of one stock rises and falls does the price of another stock also rise or fall in synch. Determining if there… Continue reading Correlation Analysis and SAP Web Intelligence